Airlines with incoming flights to Punta Cana Airport


Direct Inbound Flights to Punta Cana, Flight Duration and Airline – Travel organisation

City of Departure Flight Duration Airline
Amsterdam, Netherlands 10h 25m  Arkefly
Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda 1h 20m  British Airways
Atlanta, USA 3h 25m  Delta, AirTran
Barquisimeto, Venezuela 3h 10m  Avior
Berlin, Germany 10h 20m  Airberlin
Bogota, Colombia 2h 55m  Avianca, COPA
Boston, USA 4h 0m  JetBlue, US Airways
Brussels, Belgium 9h 15m  Jetairfly
Buenos Aires, Argentina 7h 50m  Lan Argentina
Calgary, Canada 6h 35m  Air Transat
Caracas, Venezuela 1h 40m  Gol
Charlotte, USA 3h 35m  US Airways
Chicago, USA (CHI) 4h 30m  AirTran, Frontier, United
Chicago, USA (RFD) 4h 30m  Frontier
Cincinnati, USA 3h 55m  Delta, Frontier
Cleveland, USA 4h 15m  Frontier
Detroit, USA 4h 20m  Delta
Dusseldorf, Germany 9h 40m  Airberlin
Edmonton, Canada 6h 40m  Air Transat
Frankfurt, Germany 10h 0m  Condor
Halifax, Canada 4h 20m  Air Transat, WestJet, Air Canada
Hamburg, Germany 10h 25m  TUIfly
Lima, Peru 5h 5m  LAN
Lyon, France 9h 15m  XL France
Madrid, Spain 9h 55m  Pullmantur Air, Air Europa
Marseille, France 9h 45m  XL France
Miami, USA 2h 15m  American, Lan Argentina, LAN
Minneapolis, USA 4h 55m  Sun Country, Delta
Montreal, Canada 4h 25m  Air Transat, Air Canada, Sunwing,
Moscow, Russia 12h 0m  Transaero, Aeroflot
Munich, Germany 10h 30m  Airberlin, Condor
Nantes, France 8h 55m  XL France
New York, USA 3h 55m  JetBlue, United, Delta
Ottawa, Canada 4h 20m  WestJet, Air Canada
Panama 2h 30m  COPA
Paris, France 9h 10m  Air France, XL France, Corsair
Philadelphia, USA 3h 55m  US Airways, Frontier
Pittsburgh, USA 3h 50m  Delta
Quebec, Canada 4h 20m  Air Transat
Saint Petersburg, Russia 11h 20m  Transaero
San Juan, Puerto Rico 55m  JetBlue, Seaborne Airlines
Santiago, Chile 8h 0m  LAN
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 45m  Jetairfly
St. John’s, Canada 5h 35m  WestJet
St. Louis, USA 4h 15m  Frontier
Toronto, Canada (YHM) 4h 5m  WestJet
Toronto, Canada (YTO) 4h 15m  Sunwing, Air Canada, Air Transat
Toulouse, France 9h 10m  XL France
Vienna, Austria 11h 5m  Condor
Washington, USA 3h 40m  AirTran, United
Zurich, Switzerland 10h 5m  Swiss

People come to this destination from all over the world now. International airlines that serve the airport with cheap direct flights are Air Canada, AirTran, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, KLM, Spirit, United, US Airways, and Westjet. Canadian charter airlines to this destination include Air Transat, Sunwing, Skyservice, and Canjet. They run during the cold bleak Canadian winters and most offer direct, cheap flights.

Contact Details of Airlines with offices in Punta Cana

Airlines Contact Details
AIR BERLIN  809-586-4075
AIR CANADA 1-888-760-0020/809-959-0200 
AIR EUROPA  809-683-8020,  809-959-0035 
AIR FRANCE  809-686-8432
AIR PULLMANTUR  809-688-0984
AIR TRANSAT  809-552-0666,  809-796-4562
AMERICAN AIRLINES / Eagle  1-200-5151,  809-959-2420 
ARKEFLY  809-753-7111
ASERCA  809-549-0212,  809-959-4293 
AVIANCA  809-796-7540, 809-959-2002 
BRITISH AIRWAYS  1-800-247-9297 
CANJET AIRLINES  809-552-0900
CONDOR / LANARGENTINA / LANCHILE / LANPERU 809-689-2221 or 2116 / 809-959-0144 
CONTINENTAL  809-200-1062  809-959-2039 
COPA AIRLINES  809-200-2772,  809-959-8021 
CORSAIRFLY  809-959-1869 
DELTA AIRLINES   809-200-9191 / 809-959-2009 
EDELWEISS AIR  809-959-0103 
EXPRESS JET Via Tour Operator
IBERWORLD  809-747-9389
JETAIRFLY  809-959-0028, 809-468-7100 
JETBLUE  809-959-1490 / 809-200-9898 
SPIRIT AIRLINES  809-381-2003
THOMAS COOK  809-757-8132
TRANSAERO  829-961-5011 
US AIRWAYS  809-959-0064 
USA 3000  809-221-6626
WEST JET AIRLINES  809-959-0028 
XL AIRWAYS FRANCE  809-959-1869 


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