Cabarete is a village located on the northwest coast (the Amber Coast) in the Dominican Republic, in the province of Puerto Plata . It is approximately 40 km from the city of Puerto Plata , between Sosua and San Ignacio de Sabaneta .

In the 1980s, it was still a small fishing village , but today the village revolves around tourism, more particularly around sailing sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing . You can also practice wakeboarding (on the Yasica river) or surfing (in El Encuentro).


The kitebeach beach , located 20 minutes walk from the village is an ideal beach for kitesurfing thanks to the presence of the coral reef 300 meters from the edge of the beach. In Cabarete, the wind generally blows between 17 and 25 knots. It is of sideonshore direction , that is to say it blows sideways and coming from the sea. Cabarete is one of the stages of the PKRA (Professional Kite (board) Riders Association) which organizes the kitesurfing world cup every year during the month of June.


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