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Saona Island

The visit to Saona Island is the excursion that everyone recommends when they know that you are visiting the Dominican Republic, it really is a heaven on earth !
Almost idyllic for its landscapes and the transparency of its waters.
Saona Island is located in the southeastern end of the Dominican Republic, is the largest of the Dominican Republic’s islands, is part of the Eastern National Park and serves as a sanctuary for several species of migratory birds.


Catalina Island Snorkeling or/and Scuba Diving

Welcome aboard and snorkel or scuba dive two amazing dive sites in the most beautiful underwater ecosystem of the Dominican Republic.
Catalina Island scuba diving is a full day all-inclusive tour.
Join our excursion and experience the clear turquoise waters, incredible coral formations, fish life and our beach on Catalina Island.
This all-inclusive excursion includes a tasty lunch, which is prepared by our highly skilled chef.


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