El Dudú Lagoon

El Dudú is made up of two lagoons, the main lagoon surrounded by ravines, where you can jump or choose to jump down the zipline, which runs through the lagoon almost from end to end to live an adventure full of adrenaline. The other lagoon known as the Pozo del Caballo is a shallow water spa where the crystalline turquoise of its waters invites you to take a refreshing bath, while admiring a majestic and paradisiacal nature.

Until now, El Dudú has the privilege of being the only place in the world where you can practice cave diving from a natural lake to another natural lake, this sport consists of diving into underground caves full of water, this quality makes EL Dudú something highly appreciated by divers who love this sport, who come from all over the world, to dive into these turquoise waters. The cave diving trip lasts around 45 minutes.

El Dudú has a variety of attractions that makes it a unique place. Its caves are made up of stalactites and on its walls we can find rock art printed throughout its tunnels, the Taina cave being the most important of all.

The lagoon has a depth that can reach 107 feet and is surrounded by a diversity of local flora that turns the environment into a small paradise for the enjoyment of its visitors. It is a private complex managed by a tour operator, it has a fairly affordable cost of RD $ 150 pesos per person and its hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Every day).

Some of the main services of the Dudú: lunches, camping, accommodation in tents, for the latter you must call in advance for your quote and reservation.

Source: www.ceslu.com

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