Hospitals in the Dominican Republic

There are four types of hospital in the Dom Rep:

The first is the public hospital

There is one in every reasonable sized town and the medical treatment is free, but all medicines and x-rays, stitches etc have to be paid for.
The standard of care is average at best and they should only be used in dire emergencies.
The in patient has to provide their own sheets, pillows, toilet paper, food etc, and they are basically looked after by members of their family.
It is very unlikely that English will be spoken here.

The second type of hospital is the major world-class hospitals available in the capital, Santo Domingo and Santiago.

These hospitals have the latest equipment and top medical professionals. They have private facilities, but even the public facilities will be two-bedded rooms with bathroom.
The health care is not free and payment will need to be made for the room and the medical help.
All take insurance though. For example, a hip replacement will cost around US$7000 and a broken leg around US$2000 including everything.
These hospitals will carry out everything including organ transplants and some, although not all of the staff will speak English.

The third type of hospital is the high quality hospitals and clinics in the tourist areas.

Whilst not as large as the major hospitals in Santo Domingo or Santiago, these are high quality clinics with a high standard of in-patient care and all will speak English.
Finally there are the local clinics, used by the local people.
There are usually 3 to 5 in each town.
They will be of a higher standard than the public hospital, but not as high as those in tourist areas.
There are single in-patient rooms with bathrooms and televisions, and are fine for basic operations or broken bones, but anything more complex will need to be referred to a larger hospital.
Costs are significantly lower than the tourist clinics or the major hospitals and they are unlikely to speak English.

All Dominican hospitals will always put all patients on a saline drip immediately, and will also almost always administer IV antibiotics, whatever the problem.
In addition the nursing staff do not perform the same duties as in the UK and USA, in that they only administer the injections, change dressings etc. The family is supposed to look after the patient, bathe them and provide food, and most family members will stay with the patient around the clock.

Useful Resources

Santo Domingo

Clinica Abreu, Calle Beller #42
Tel: 809 688 4411

Plaza de la Salud
Calle Pepillo Salcedo
Tel: 809 565 9989

Punta Cana

Hospiten Bavaro
Tel: 809 686 1414


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