Referral Program

Customer Referral Program

At Best Deals BDPC Real Estate, we value your trust in us.

For every bit of growth, we know that we are indebted to our past clients.  
Without you, and our client referral program we would not be where we are today.

Although we do not negotiate our commission rates, we want to provide gratitude and appreciation where it’s due.  As a past client, if you refer a new client to us, we would like to make a small contribution to you, as the bread and butter of our business is the people that support us.

Customer Referral

As a previous customer, for the new client, you refer to us, we will provide: you with a referral fee when the new client completes a transaction with us.
The more clients you send us, the more referral fee you will receive.

Simply introduce and pass them on to us, and we will do the rest.
We will take great care of all your referrals like how we take care of you!

To enroll in the Client Referral Program, simply do the following:

  1. Fill up the referral form below
  2. Make sure that you have all the correct contact information before to send

Once the above is done, you will be enrolled in the Customer Referral Program.

We recommend that if you refer a new client to us, send us an introduction email coping the new client.
Once the deal is complete, you shall receive the referral fee within 10 business days.

Again, we just want to pass our thanks to our clients for the trust and support over the years. 
Our business is truly a combined result of good people like you.

Referral Program
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